Canada is here to save us from Iran

Well file this under thank the lord for Candada!

It’s about time our brothers to the north call out Iran. We know those harsh words from the nicest people on the planet will put a scare into the nutjob president of Iran and the rest of the cook leaders of that terrorist state.

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Full Story at Ottawa Citizen

Iran behind flood of weapons to Taliban?

But…but…the Shi’ites would never aid the Sunnis, right? Right? Isn’t that what the learned analysts always tell us?

Wake-up call for the learned analysts, were it possible to wake them up: “Iran behind flood of weapons to Taliban, MacKay charges,” from the Ottawa Citizen (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

KANDAHAR AIR FIELD, Afghanistan – Canada has challenged the Iranian government over concerns that weapons and bomb-making equipment are slipping across the border to Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan, Defence Minister Peter MacKay said yesterday.
“We’re very concerned that weapons are coming in from Iran,” Mr. MacKay told reporters, while visiting Canadian troops with Gen. Rick Hillier in Kandahar province.

“We’re very concerned that these weapons are going to the insurgents and are keeping this issue alive. We’ve certainly made our views to the Iranian government about this known.”

I’m sure the Thug-In-Chief will be quaking.


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