I’m still sick of the Palestinians

I don’t know about you, but I have had it up to HERE with the Palestinians. I’ll never understand why we give these terror supporting, Jew-hating monsters money.

Check out this story

Fatah shows its true intentions
Thomas Lifson

Fatah, the supposedly moderate party that rules the West Bank, and which receives massive foreign aid (including American money), has a new poster to celebrate its 43rd anniversary. The Jerusalem Post brings it to our attention:

Designed specifically for the occasion by Abdel Mun’em Ibrahim, the poster features a map of Israel that is entirely draped with a Palestinian keffiyeh scarf.

It also carries a drawing of a rifle as a symbol of the “armed struggle” against Israel.

The poster, which has been endorsed by the Fatah leadership, has already been posted on a number of Fatah-affiliated Web sites.

The underlying message of the poster is that Fatah, like Hamas, does not recognize Israel’s existence.
Remind me again: what is there to negotiate with someone who wants to destroy the other side? The pace at which annihilation takes place?


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