In defense of waterboarding

Found this link to a Philly Inquirer story at Little Green Footballs. My opinion is that waterboarding is an acceptable form of interrogation and should be used any time deemed necessary by those protecting our country. I’m sure if planes started flying into your house, you’d be fine with waterboarding the mastermind behind it in order to save your neighbor’s lives.


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One Response to “In defense of waterboarding”

  1. Mr. Cheeseburger 9000 Says:

    If planes started flying into my house, chances are, it’s time to move to another place! But seriously, the assumption that I have some difficulty with is that waterboarding the mastermind would, in fact, save your neighbor’s life.

    I read the philly article a while back. It’s probably the best one out there that defends the waterboarding position (even though I disagree with it). There’s some interesting debate I had with those from the boldcolorconservative blog (wordpress) over this very article. I don’t have the link. You should find it and post your comments on the thread.

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